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Durban's Beachfront

Durban's beachfront is known locally as the Golden Mile but is actually more than four miles.
Durban Accommodation Guide

Durban's Beachfront

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Durban Accommodation Guide
  • South: Point Waterfront/Addington: restaurants, flea markets, watersports.
  • Central: South Beach/ Dairy Beach/ North Beach: Surfing, bodyboarding, paddleskiing, restaurants, curios, paddling pools, amusements, events.
  • North: Snake Park/Battery Beach: Surfing, paddling pools, snake park, minitown.
  • Far North: Tekweni/Sunkist/Blue Lagoon: bathing, paddling pools, picnicking.

Durban's beachfront is known locally as the Golden Mile but is actually more than four miles from the Bluff in the South to the mouth of the Umgeni River in the north.Along this stretch is all the beachgoer could wish for - water activities, elegant dining, gardens and curios. Thursday night is Family Fiesta night with live children's entertainment.

The beaches are protected by shark nets.

Durban Accommodation GuideEnjoy the beaches with the Ricksha bus. You pay your fare and can get on and get off as many times as you like between the Point Waterfront (South) and the Blue Lagoon (north) (0838093530 09.00 -17.00 daily). There are 12 stops and the frequency is every half hour.

Ricksha Rides

Durban Accommodation GuideOnce, there were hundreds of pullers in Durban.Rickshas were introduced from Japan by Sir Marshall Campbell (of the Killie Campbell library) from the Far East as transport for his wife.

They soon became very popular with more than 2000 of them but the advent of the motor car spelt their doom. However, there are still a number of these carriages on the beachfront, pulled by Zulus in their flamboyant headdresses.

Travel up the Beachfront in style and take a Ricksha. Marine Parade 031 332 5671.

Durban Accommodation Guide

Durban's beaches and adjacent features from South to north. Click on the to the right to see the exact location of the beaches.

Addington Beach/Vetch's Pier

These two beaches are adjacent to the Point and North Pier. Safe swimming, lifeguards and restaurants. Vetch's Pier is an old quay that is exposed at low tide.

The Southern end of the beach is where most of the watersports enthusiasts launch their small yachts, windsurfers, hobies and jetskis. Take a walk on to the adjacent North Pier for a good view of the beachfront at night.

The Point Waterfront

Durban Accommodation Guide

uShaka Marine World

The unique Sea World at uShaka Marine World showcases the diversity of marine life found in the Western Indian Ocean.

On ground level, as guests wander through beautifully landscaped gardens filled with many indigenous plants, the aquarium is visible from the surface. Guests can gaze into all of the larger exhibits from the surface and, in the shallower exhibits, this provides a unique 'birds eye' view of the fish and sharks. The real aquarium experience is, however, underground. Guests enter the aquarium through a 'hole' in the wrecked vessel and walk down three floors, past a restored skeleton of a southern right whale, into the imaginatively themed aquarium galleries.

Durban Accommodation Guide

South Beach

Durban Accommodation GuideTrampolines, playground, lawns, change rooms,paddling pools, refreshments, curios, coach tours, tourist info, fishing pier, shops.

North Beach

Body boarding, paddling pools, the Rachel Finlayson salt water swimming pool, refreshments, change rooms, shops, pigeons to feed, curios, surfing museum, fishing pier, ricksha rides, pedal rides.


Durban Accommodation GuideDurban's only amusement park, packed with rides for the whole family - and the cable cars are the best way to see Durban's beachfront! There are dodgems, vintage car rides, Carousel, Swingboat, Tilterworld and others. Marine Parade 09.00 - 17.00 daily 031 332 9776.

Time Warp Surfing Museum

A comprehensive display of surfboards and memorabilia. Ocean Sports Centre, Lower Marine Parade 082 452 1637

Bay of Plenty

Durban Accommodation Guide Durban is great surfing country and this beach is home to the world famous Gunston 500 surfing contest in July where you can see all the world's top surfers in action - and thousands of spectators, shops, stalls and food outlets.

This beach also hosts the only night surfing contest in the world. There is also bodyboarding and swimming, lawns, sunken gardens, and the Amphimarket Flea Market on Sundays.

Snake Park Beach

Parking, refreshments, ricksha rides, surfing.


Durban Accommodation GuideThis Lillipution world is located at the northern end of the beachfront and displays a number of Durban's landmarks at 1:25 scale. There is the City Hall, the airport, the harbour and one or two items from elsewhere in the country, all meticulously crafted.

In the evenings, there is an illuminated funfair. Minitown is a charitable organization. Marine Parade 031 337 7892

Dairy Beach.


Battery Beaches 1 and 2

Durban Accommodation GuideSwimming and life guards. Behind the beach next to the road there are paddling pools and slides.

Thekweni Beach

Swimming and life guards.

Oasis Beach

Swimming and life guards.

Durban Accommodation Guide

Country Club Beach


Laguna Beach

Paddling pools and slides.

Blue Lagoon

Durban Accommodation GuideThis beach is adjacent to the mouth of the Umgeni River and is a popular angling spot. There are plenty of braai sites and a selection of eateries.

Under the freeway bridge alongside the river there is the Coconut Grove Road House, more braai sites and a pleasant walk along the South bank of the Umgeni River.

This area is popular with the Indian community on Saturday nights where they come to show off their cars and their hifi systems! The model boating pond, canoe club, bowling greens, mashie course, golf and netball are also located here.

Under the other freeway bridge, one will find the 19th hole puttputt course (3031633).

Anstey's Beach (Bluff)

A favourite haunt of experienced surfers, Anstey's also boasts green lawns, a paddling pool and shops.

Brighton Beach (Bluff)

There are plenty of rock pools on this beach to occupy young and old. There is also a tidal pool.

Whale Watching

Durban Accommodation GuideDurban is on the Whale Watch Route. Spend a couple of hours watching great humpback whales breaching and tail sailing off the Main Durban beaches.

The humpback is the greatest showoff amongst whales and also has the longest song. If you're lucky, you'll also come across the local bottle nosed dolphins. The tours are organized by the Natal Sharks Board.The Natal Sharks Board 031 566 1001.

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